Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How are we supposed to feel about Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone? a pale shadow of iPhone and Android meant for staid businessmen?

Techcrunch is reporting that European Carriers are not digging the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. Apparently it doesn't cut it against the Android and iPhone competition. In the US the Lumia 900 phone is effectively being given away this week because they were launched with a bug that affected the phone's ability to use data.

When you put this together with the TV Ad promoting the Lumia 900 it really makes you wonder....

I was watching the ad and came away wondering if it was meant to make me feel:

- The brand is fuddy duddy. Has been slow  to adapt and finally managed to copy the competition (the beta test is over....). It's a business phone - the guy is in a suit. with a staid blue tie.

When you couple this with the bungled launch and data connection problems it leaves you thinking that the beta test may be over but the product was rushed out for it to be tested by the unwitting public. (Business as usual???)

What are your thoughts?

Too little, too late?

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