Saturday, May 19, 2012

#Ignite at #healthfoo part 2

David Wong - the healthcare revolution of 2012

David Hale - learned everything about himself from his genome

I spoke on fighting DPS - Disassociated Patient Syndrome

Doctor V - the future evolution for doctors in the world of Dr Watson (from IBM) post human medicine. The evolution of social health.

Physicians will be radically redefined. We need serious medical education reform.

Rebecca Norlander.

60% of personal bankruptcies are health related.

Put the consumer at the middle of changing health care.

Prosthetic arms - dealing with the absence of a limb.

An injured Iraq vet launches Stumpworks to create better prosthetic arms.

Jamie Haywood - truth in science. Who is the shareholder in science?

Probability of truth is cost of claim divided by the cost to refute.

Daniel Kraft MD - checklists taken from aviation and applied to medicine are transformative. Simulators have the same potential.
Moving from connected health to super connected health

Regina Holliday - the patient story.

When you de-identify the patient you lose the patient story.

Regina is at it again - changing the world!

Mark Scrimshire
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