Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ignite at HealthFoo

An amazing line up Deborah Estrin - open sesame

Talking open modular health architecture. Apply Internet lessons to health. Do this in mobile today where there is little health legacy to distract us.

Decompose monolithic apps. Make things modular.

Dr Alan Greene - bullseye

Moving the world.distance and force create leverage. Empower the people.

30% of people are obese by 9months old!

2billion people are iron deficient. 30% of baby's blood is in the placenta.

90 seconds wait will supply the missing 30% of blood and nutrients.

Steve Zadig - confessions of a healthfoo newbie.

Sensors - changing the world. 4b under served people. Can a 15c sensor change the world.

Bring together thought leaders and go solve problems.

Mark Scrimshire
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