Tuesday, June 05, 2012

#HealthData Palooza kicks off - The Todd Park guide to the Palooza (@whitehousetp / @todd_park)

We have a packed house at the Washington Convention Center for the third Health Data Palooza. The growth of the ecosystem in 3 short years has been astounding. Liberating Health Data is a critical game changer in Health.

The stakes are enormous. 17% of GDP growing to 20%. Competitor nations spend a fraction of their GDP for the same health outcomes.

9:00 a.m.      Welcome & Opening Remarks 
                       [Main Auditorium, East Salon]
                       Matt Miller, Host, Left, Right & Center, NPR
                       Bob Kocher, Partner, Venrock 
                       Dick Foster, Venture Partner, Lux Capital 

Last year the focus was on proving data has power.
This year's objective is to demonstrate how data can create enduring businesses. 

Todd Park has been promoted from CTO of US Dept of Health and Human Services to become US CTO. With that comes a new twitter handle (@whitehousetp)
The inspiration for Health is NOAA and GPS.

GPS: Added a $90B value to US Economy last year.

A short History:

March 2010: 45 people kick off the Health Data Initiative

June 2010. A series of  demos took place at the first HDI Palooza.

June 2012 sees 1600+ people gathering to see a multitude of demos from Non-profits, startups and established companies. 100 demos selected from 240+ organizations. Many of the organizations are recently founded.

Today we see the launch of HealthData.gov.

The BlueButton: over 900,000 veterans and seniors have downloaded their health data using BlueButton in 18 months.

BlueButton is being cloned across the private sector. 

Cajun Codefest - 300 developers gathered for 36 hours in La Fayette, LA. This has spawned 6 companies. 

We are also seeing seed accelerators: StartupHealth, RockHealth, HealthBox and BlueprintHealth.

The Health Data initiative is not a government initiative - it is an american initiative.

Todd's guide to the Palooza:

1. Don't miss the plenaries
2. Check out the Apps Expo and Afternoon demos
3. Developers should check out the sessions on Health Data APIs

Community folks should attend the Wednesday session on using Local Data to improve Health.

So much going on. Keep tapped in to Social Media to tap in to the cool stuff that is going on.

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