Friday, June 22, 2012

My first #HITsm TweetChat! Empowering Health Care Engagement

Yesterday Twitter was "all of quiver" going down for more than an hour in the first major outage for more than six months. I don't think that the prospect of me hosting my first #HITsm tweetchat was the reason, but you never know! (smile)
Hopefully the twitter gods will be kind and Twitter will calmly tweet along between Noon and 1pm Eastern time today.
The questions have been posted - check out the HL7 Standards blog.
Here are the topics:
#HITsm T1: Patient Engagement in health — How do we recognize and measure it?
#HITsm T2: How do we break through health’s glass wall to bring wellness sensor data in to Docs’ offices without overwhelming them?
#HITsm T3: How can we use #HITsm to give clarity to a patient’s aspirational health goal in order to guide treatment plans?
#HITsm T4: How can we use consumer wellness devices + #HITsm to engage the general population in their health?
I will be watching the #HITsm Tweetchat.
So come along and join in the conversation. I am not sure what insights I will be providing but I am fascinated to see how folks share their wisdom based on the four topics. I tried to cover a number of different aspects of Patient/Consumer Engagement:
- From the Quantitative perspective
- From the Provider perspective
- From the Patient Perspective 
- From the Population Health Perspective. 
Hopefully a little for everyone!
See you at Noon EST!

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