Thursday, June 07, 2012

#NASAHealth More than 110 members of NASA Human Health and Performance Center

DeVenCI workshop generated three new ideas for testing on the International Space Station (ISS). Check out the web site for details about these projects:

Procter and Gamble have posted a technical need on the NHHPC web site:

The Health Data Palooza: unleash the potential of lazy data to transform health.

EPA launched MyAir/MyHealth Challenge:


Jeff Davis: Why is NASA interest in Mobile Health?

When NASA looks at spaceflight they need self supporting, easily accessible, low power, low weight, small footprint devices.

Ground-based health applications for remote and underserved areas where mobile phones are widespread and can be leveraged to monitor or diagnose.

NASA brings tremendous value because distance absolutely forces a re-thinking of methods/tools for delivery of care/support

NASA is building an Exploration Medical System Demonstration for test in 2014 time frame.
- In=flight (ISS)
- Ground System and expertise
supported by technology.

NASA uses Ultrasound in flight because it is the best suited to space deployment. There is no handheld MRI device.

Remote health and Health support in Space share similar challenges.

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