Thursday, June 07, 2012

#NASAHealth Panel discussion

Panel Members
        Ramesh Raskar (NETRA, MIT Media Lab)
       William Riley (NIH/NHLBI)
       Todd Schlegel (NASA JSC)
       Bakul Patel (FDA)  
       Jeff Sutton (NSBRI)

eyeNETRA is an amazing innovation. It brings eye care diagnostics to any location.

We are moving towards hardware app stores.

The EyeNetra technology can also be adapted to cataract diagnosis.

This is important for NASA because they have to manage the risk around astronaut vision for long term periods in space.

Bill Riley: NIH

NIH working on implantable biosensors. Almost like tattoos.  This has potential for management of diabetes. Couple the sensor with an insulin pump...

Wearable Chemical Sensors: Moving from fixed sensors to high density measurement via wearable sensors. This very much ties in with the EPA MyAir/My Health challenge.

Mobile Microscope using smartphones.

Cardiac Disease Management.

NIH struggles with the fact that technology outpaces Research processes.
A quick cycle is a 5-7 year process.

They need to streamline the process.

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