Thursday, June 07, 2012

#NASAHealth Made it back from #DCHealth to listen to Nate Gross (@ng)of @Rock_Health

I had to skip out of the #NASAHealth Workshop to do a demo for DC Health. However, I made it back for Nate Gross's presentation.

Nate is from Doximity and Rock Health:

60+ digital Health Startups received at least $2M VC funding in 2011.

HealthCare and Education are the next industries facing fundamental software-based transformation.

Foundations are getting in to funding of startups.

Rock Health was the first incubator focused on Digital Health and Mobile Health - a Non-Profit.

- Allay Investor hesitation
- Make Healthcare Sexy
- Bring Stakeholders together

This is not your parent's Health IT.

How it works:
- $20K grant, Zero Equity
- Free Office space in Downtown San Francisco

- Weekly speakers on entrepreneurship, healthcare policy and technology.
- User-centered design instruction series by Cooper
- Office hours with investors
and more...

Big emphasis on general technology. 

"Go Mobile First"

41 Startups in Rock Health (current and alumni)


- Pipette
- Medibabble
- Cardiio (use iphone camera to detect pulse through detection of blood pulsing through your forehead)
- BitGen
- Skimble
- WeSprout

Rock Health is open sourcing some of their curriculum. Check out

Instagram had a valuation of $33/User. This can be good for Health Care when the end user is a Doctor earning $100,000+ per year.

Research for Financial Services: Baby Boomers are the fastest adopting users of smartphones and tablets

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