Thursday, June 07, 2012

#NASAHealth mHealth for social good w/@msWz @caroltorgan @Lostonroute66

This afternoon we are breaking in to workshop sessions. I chose the mHealth for Social Good session.

I felt I had to participate after developing at the Code-A-Thon this weekend.

This is a fascinating mix of public and private organizations. 

21st Century mHealthCommunications for Social Good
(Scott Ratzan – J&J; 
Michael Weinberger – J&J; 
Todd Schlegel – NASA JSC; 
Carissa Vidlak – Wyle)

Michael Weinberger introduced the Digital Health Scorecard.

Can we help individuals understand their health status.

ScoreMyHealth -  An iPad optimized App in prototype.

This is not a Health Risk Assessment. The objective is a "Super BMI score"

"Why do we have to memorize our numbers in the 21st Century?"
We agree - Apps should be able to go get that data from other sources if they are available. e.g. Fitbit, HealthVault, BodyMedia etc.

Underwhelmed by the app. Very simplistic. They need to move around the questions so that stoppers like knowing your BMI don't discourage people from completing the scoring.

J&J need to create an API and widgets. Also add a Share button.

I keep coming back to my mantra: "Health May Be Private, Exercise is often Solitary but Wellness is Social"

Todd Schiegel - 12-lead ECGs and aiming at Social Good.

Proposing open source platform for data collection of 12-lead ECG data.

Looking to lower cost of the 12-lead ECG harness and associated electrnoics.

Enable data collection on inexpensive Android devices.

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