Saturday, July 07, 2012

Apple iOS, OS X Mountain Lion and Apple Maps how will it all work together

In iOS 6 Apple is switching from Google Maps to their own platform. Everyone is waiting to see how this will work out. However, a more interesting question is what will happen in Mountain Lion?
- Will this new Apple Maps platform have it's own web site, or will it only be accessible through an iOS app?
- What will happen to Address Book? If you right click on an Address Book on your Mac you get the option to open this in Google Maps. Will that change? Will it now launch Apple's Map product?
- If I am using my Mac and planning a trip. Will I be able to compile an itinerary and send it to my iOS device?
- Will I have to use Google Maps and then get different directions when it is interpreted by Apple's Map App on iOS?
May be a developer who is using a pre-release copy of Mountain Lion can answer these questions.