Sunday, July 08, 2012

IFTTT simple and awesome - Blogger links to Delicious

IfThisThenThat is an awesome service on the Interwebs.  It takes something that is often complex and makes it pretty darn simple.

The first clue comes on the home page. 


They explain it like this:

I find myself coming back to IFTTT when a service let's me down. In this case Posterous.

I have had an autopost setup on Posterous to post from my blog to Delicious. Today I was doing some maintenance on my Posterous Blog and noticed that the Delicious autopost was not working. I tried re-posting some articles but no luck. 

So I followed Posterous' recommendation and removed the link and tried to re-activate it. Every time I tried to reactivate I got an error. No luck. So I put my thinking cap on. is not my primary blog. is. So rather than fix the posterous connection I looked for an alternative method. This is when I remembered IFTTT

I logged in to IFTTT.

I added Blogger as a channel and authenticated the connection between IFTTT and Google.

I then added Delicious and authenticated the connection between those two services. 

I then filled in a few fields to create a new "recipe". Basically telling IFTTT to post to Delicious everytime there is a new blog posted on my blog.

As a final step I made the recipe a shared recipe so others can take advantage of it.

Check out IFTTT - ingeniously simple, amazingly powerful. 

Take a look at the shared recipes. If you use Dropbox, Evernote, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or any number of other channels you will probably find something useful.

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