Tuesday, July 17, 2012

People Mashups - The power is in the discussion not the presentation #HCBOS #HCKC #HCSFBay

I just read a great article by Peter Bregman about how to run productive meetings.  His conclusion is that the number 1 killer of meetings is PowerPoint. Having sat through death by PowerPoint on so many occasions I have to wholeheartedly agree!

When I read Peter's article from the Harvard Business Review it reinforced for me the value of HealthCa.mp

The value is in the discussion and in breaking out of the silos. This is exactly what we accomplish at HealthCa.mp. 

I have been thinking about the dynamic nature of HealthCa.mp. The unpredictability of the outcome  but the incredible energy boost that everyone appears to receive as a result of participating. I would love to take the HealthCa.mp un-conference format in to other organizations and like Peter Bregman, help organizations run powerfully productive strategy meetings. If you would like to road test our field-proven Un-conference methodology in your organization then please get in touch. You can reach me via email at mark AT ekivemark DOT com.

If you want to experience the vibrancy of HealthCa.mp and help to transform HealthCare then come to HealthCa.mp. We have three events coming up:

Check out the Calendar at: http://healthca.mp/calendar

Then plan to join us in: 
- Boston, MA on Friday 9/14/2012 for HealthCa.mp/Boston at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Campus.
- Kansas City, MO on Saturday 9/22/2012 - more details to follow
- San Francisco, CA on Friday 10/5/2012 for HealthCa.mp/SFBay at Kaiser Permanente's world renowned Innovation Center in San Leandro.

We are looking for sponsors who want to support these great events. Our last event in Washington DC (HealthCa.mp/DC) generated more than 3.1 million Tweet Impressions  If health care is important to you then you need to be part of one of the liveliest Health Related People Mashup events!

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