Thursday, July 19, 2012

Personalized Medicine is the long tail of Health Care /cc@HealthyThinker

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn points us to a new video from Fidelity about the future of Health Care through Personalized Medicine: 
Per Jane's post
I tore out a two-page ad from the June 17, 2012, New York Times Magazine sponsored by Fidelity Investments with the headline, "Your genetic secrets may not be a secret much longer...and we see opportunity." The ad copy went on to talk about the emerging era of personalized medicine and big data to help patients…and to be an investment growth area. 
What Fidelity Investments is talking about is "The Long Tail" being applied to Health Care. 
We are moving in to an era of transformation where we move from "Industrialized Medicine" to "Personalized Medicine." By this I mean we are moving from a world where Health solutions are developed and delivered to 98% of the population. Everybody has to fit in to the box. Personalized medicine is a mass market solution where technology is applied to a problem and it takes in to account the individual. 
Google and Amazon are masters of this in the Internet domain: Google's AdSense allows any website to incorporate tailored Ads for their audience. This works whether a site has tens of users or millions of users. Amazon has done the same with the ability for anyone to see a product from their site by simply inserting a few lines of code. 
Industrialized Medicine is a single standardized process applied to millions of people almost regardless of their health history and certainly ignoring their genetic profile. 
Personalized Medicine is the Long Tail coming to Health Care. Thousands of Treatments tailored to the individual and their genetic makeup, informed by research gained from mass populations.
This is a new world and I am certain we will see new entrants that embrace this world of hyper-personalization and deliver solutions at massive scale.
and here is the link directly to the YouTube Video: Personalized Medicine - Fidelity Investments: Thinking Big