Thursday, August 23, 2012

#health2stat q and a

The VA took 3 years to grow from 1 guy providing social media support to the level of activity they have today.

5 central staff and representatives in every center across the country.

Birth control

A year talking to target audiences taught them that birth control sucks.

Humor is a powerful tool to open up the conversation. Especially with men.


How was hRA model connected to the representation of health risk age. The health risk age is compelling. Connecting the hRA to this was an obvious step. It motivates people to change.


Moving from 20 question paper questionnaire and by putting them on a smartphone they can be completed at home in real time As events occur.

I think patents might appreciate lullaby lyrics and tunes in the Zansors sleepChamp app. That could be a useful resource for parents.