Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am at the Barking Dog for Health2Stat organized by Aquilent. got a mention for the San Francisco conference in October. If people decide to go they should plan to arrive early to take part in on Friday 5th October.

First speaker: Mary Arrnstead

Talking about NITAAC and the NIH government-wide contracts for both products and services.

CIO-SP3 IT services and solutions

Also small business 54 vendors
131 small business vendors

ECS III IT products vehicle This has 42 approved vendors

Second speaker: ranjit Das from Zansors

sleepChamp for kids.

Empower kids sleep.

Licensed from university of Michigan.

Measuring sleep quality for kids.

Sleep medicine
Data Analytics
Information architecture
Intelligent design
Lean business development
Social media engagement

Sleep champ deals with:

Sleep disorders
Growth/body weight
Behavior and cognition Evidence based medicine is transformed from a paper based collection to smartphones

Parents consider the smartphone a mobile command center.

Speaker three: Konstantin Von Schmidt-Pauli

Talking about A VA healthy vet portal application that is in early stages of development. Deals with 508 compliant health risk assessment.

So the VA is building the hRA from the ground up but it looks very like a Traitwise survey.

Speaker four: Lawrence Swaider

7 out of 10 pregnancies are unplanned.

The research to the failure showed that the time of publications totally failed with the wrong tone.

Put the information in a infect that young women understood

The method explorer is a platform that can be used on multiple sites. It demystifies contraceptive methods.

"create once use everywhere"

The ad council has donated print,tv and radio ads- a $2m value.

Speaker five: Lauren Bailey VA and digital communication

22M veterans but the VA reaches less than half.

Now have 75 twitter feeds, blogs and Facebook.

Reaching vets where they are.

Facebook and twitter have been effective.

The more you talk with folks the more they tend to come back.

Lauren manages VAntage Point blog

Vets meet up on facebook. Connect with team members. They are going where the veterans are.

Twitter is used to communicate with industry partners.

Flickr has been incredibly effective. Also on YouTube. Lots of video communications are internal. YouTube is used to spread the word by publishing these videos.

The team don't seek to control communication but rather to make it easy for community managers to use the channels.

Still working to measure reach and impact.

Hard to channel questions to the right people quickly.

Governance is not about control. It is about making it easy and sharing resources.

Now for the Q & A...

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