Saturday, September 22, 2012

#Cinderblock Igniting the evening in a Partnership with Patients

Some of the themes rom the Ignite sessions:

Josh Rubin - Building a Learning Health System

Sharing saves lives!

Share your health data - it may save your life!

The Tyrants always fall... The power of the people together is an unstoppable force.

Let's all work together to give the gift of 'Health to our nation and our children.

Ann Becker - Holding hope at the intersection of Physical and Mental Health

Mental Health is still the re-headed step child of health.

We talk about our brains and our bodies as if they are separate parts.  You can't disconnect this stuff.

Bart Lindtrom - To Die in Peace - New Terms of Engagement

A fascinating matrix of the terms of our death.

Susan Hull - Ignite our collective voices

We all wear many hats but at heart we are healers of humanity.

Trying to get nurses to ask for THEIR e-health record.

Asking for health to give Nurses a voice.

Health is Social - echoes my quote: "Health MAY be private, exercise often solitary but Health and Wellness is SOCIAL"

Michael Weiss - Using the Health Care Social Media for Patient Empowerment

An era of technology powered Health Care Social Media for Patient Empowerment.

Talking about Crohn's Disease.

Use Health Care Social Media for: 
1. Reference Tools.
eg. Wikipedia - Starting broad but get pointers.

2. Find the non-profit foundation that represents your disease.

3. Go to a Web Portal - eg. WebMD or Mayo Clinic

4. Then go to Yahoo or Google Groups on your disease.

5. Then setup alerts on Google for the terms that are popular.

6. Subscribe to Blogs

7. Subscribe to Video Blogs

8. Check out Facebook.

9. Then use Tweetdeck to filter the Twitter stream. Use Hashtags.

10. Check out the Tweetchats - such as #HCSM on Sunday evenings.

11. Check out Google Plus, Hangouts and LinkedIn Groups.

12. Tumblr - Free Association sites. 

13. MHealth using your phone as a medical device.

The patient becomes more empowered and more effective.

Steve Daviss - What's your number - a company that has designed a multi-dimensional mental health app.

There was no tool that measured the top three mental health illnesses. 

Depression is the #1 cause of disease burden in the world.

Patients with Mental health illnesses generally cost twice as much to treat with a given medical condition.

e.g. Patients are too depressed to deal with their condition.

If you have a medical condition, substance abuse and mental health issues you are 15 times more likely to be hospitalized.

After being featured on NBC the WhatsMyM3 app was the top rated health app on iTunes for 3 days.

Carolyn Capern - Social Media Matters

The Late Fred Holliday was Carolyn's tutor at American University.

Social - It's about being Social and being available, being friendly. About building relationships.

Humans can't create matter - only value.

Humans value emotional connection.

Patients use the social web to address the question: What is happening to me and what can I do about it.

Listen to Me - Talk to Me. Meet Me where I am.

Amanda Greene - The Journey to discovering LA Lupus Lady

Control the Flares. Find the Flair and own the LA Lupus Lady.

Become a Patient Advocate - find your voice. Tell your story.

Passion is contagious and Lupus is not!

Erin Gilmar - Breaking Boundaries.

Oh to live on the moon!

Started Health 2.0 Austin.

How do we change what we see in ourselves?

Casey Quinlan - How asking what things cost can shift the system

The big elephant in the room.... We are encouraged to ask questions except the biggest one...


Health Care is the only consumer-facing industry with NO PRICE TRANSPARENCY

Let's change that by asking....

$2.3T per year. Yet we don't know what we spend.

When we ask what things cost we can make decisions about the cost and quality trade off.

Jari Holland Buck - Hospital Acquired Infections

We all want to see the Get Well Soon banner as we arrive home.

We need to be proactive to avoid Hospital Acquired Infection.

To protect patients doctors need to use:

- soap and water
- alcohol cleanser
- Nitro gloves.

These three things are the most effective things you can do to fight infection.

Pat Mastors - The Patient Pod

Hospital Acquired Infections account for 100,000 deaths each year.

The Patient's world is:
Stripped of power and identity, dependent on others.

The Patient Pod is something that the Patient has as their own by their bed.

Hand Hygeine, notes, clips, paper, pen. picture holder.

It gives independence. 

$19.99 and it could save a life.

Lisa Fields -  Twitter.

@Marksphone - Mark Dimor - Humans are little tiny hope machines.

Eunita Winkey - No More Clipboards

The behind the scenes struggle for Medical Records.

We have to teach society to share information about Electronic Medical Records.

EMR's save lives.

We need to make EMRs as available as credit records. 

Evelyn McKnight - Hepatitis Outbreaks Nationals Organization for Reform

Telling the tale of the largest outbreak of Hepatitis -C in American History. She was one of the 99. A nurse reused a syringe. It should never have happened.

In the past 11 years there have been 620 patients infected in 52 incidents.

Evelyn started a foundation to make every use of a syringe a safe one.

Joleen Chambers - Give a DAM about Implants

Talking about Failed implants - Check out the Failed Implant Device Alliance.

When you r implant fails you are given the run around. 
A large proportion of Implanted devices are not tested. They are grand-fathered in as being "similar" to an existing device.

In 2010 30,000 serious events with medical devices were reported to the FDA.

Patients get invited as stakeholders but they don't have a vote even though they are the only party with real skin in the game.