Saturday, September 22, 2012

#cinderblock @PracticalWisdom aka Lisa Fields Asks "Who should you follow on Twitter?" + making PPT snap crackle and pop

Twitter is: a walkie-Talkie
...a research tool
... a lasso that only captures what you want
...Something that makes the world smaller

Now for the real subject... How to make PowerPoint, Tweets Speaking and TweetChats Snap, Crackle and Pop.

PowerPoint is just one tool when making a presentation.

Lisa and I share a passion - We both hate bullet points in PowerPoint

Check out @bonnycastle for great powerpoints

Pinterest is powerful visuals... eg.

From my post "is Oauth sinking?"

CPA - Continuous Partial Attention @LindaStone

Lisa Fields: "You are the cake and your slides are the frosting."

Check out Garr Reynolds - @PresentationZen

- Keep it simple.
- Concreteness
- Credibility

Facts weaved with a story - @susannahfox is an excellent exponent of this.

Stories make the message sticky.