Saturday, September 22, 2012

#Cinderblocks Propublica unleashing the power of the crowd to give transparency to health

Olga Pierce (@OlgaPierce) of ProPublica is leading a session and showing how they are using crowdsourcing to discover health issues.

ProPublica is basically an investigative journalism organization. 

They have developed some Patient Safety pages and are crowd sourcing patient stories.

Olga now turns this over to an engaged audience for suggestions on what could be added

Patients want information about Doctors. Particularly about malpractice information.

Steve Daviss raised the question about the accuracy of provider directories. 
Payers have no incentive to clean up the roles. It would shrink the number providers on their lists.
Providers have no incentive to update the Payer directories - unless the checks stop! They also have to update their information with multiple Payer organizations.

Health Care Costs are killing us in the USA. This is so true in so many ways!