Sunday, September 23, 2012

#Cinderblocks #hckc Empowering the Next Steps

A session led by Kate Knodel

Katherine Cartwright Knodel, speaker and workshop leader, writer, empowerment coach, spiritual director, and transformational training designer, works with groups to help them empower the life and mission of their organizations and with individuals to heal and empower their lives. An ordained Lutheran pastor specializing in transformational ministries, she served congregations for 22 years and continues to preach, teach and consult.  She  is an instructor for Pennsylvania Diakonia, teaching two courses, Biblical Images of the Life of the Church and Communicating the Gospel, a columnist for the Bucks County Courier Times, and maintains a coaching and healing practice in Bucks County, PA. Her forthcoming collection of poetry and short stories, Claws of Uthurunku: Healing the Femininewill be out later this year and she is working on a new book, Opening the Heart of the Church: Empowering People for Compassion and Authentic Community. She has developed and leads a number of workshops, including Anthropology for the Soul: Excavating the Stories of Your Life andEmpowering Church-Empowering Leader, a transformational training design that can be adapted for any spiritual community or organization. She volunteers with the SEPA Chapter of the American Red Cross as a Specialty Volunteer in Spiritual Care.  Her poetry and education page, Awakened Spirit,exploring the landscape of poetry, myth, and the fractured-expanding-healing self, can be found on Facebook. She is certified in Transformational Training Design and Empowerment Facilitation through The Empowerment Institute Training Programs.

We are tipped on the edge of something.. A Tipping Point

Amazing Empowered People working separately.

We need a common mission.

We need to work out the big picture and see how people fit in to the puzzle. Let people find their niche.

Kait Roe: We need to hold hands and jump together.

We need to move with intent.

HealthCare is operating on the wrong paradigms. We need to call that out.

Speak up - Take the energy and passion and put it in to action.

But.... (This is a limiting belief that gets in the way of what we want to do.) Acknowledge and Turn it around.

Energy goes where energy flows. Thoughts become things. What we think is what we become.

- Amazing Stories
- Community
- Passion
- Skills
- Knowledge

1. Awareness - Where are we now?
2. Vision - Where do we want to be?
3. Transformation - Limiting belief and Turn it around?
4. Growing Edge - Riding the wave.

Mavens, Connectors and Sales People.

Karen - CMS Connector - PWP + PFP
Kait - LGBT Disparity 
Joe - IT Help understand/empower (standards) Connect PWP Patients . S&I automate BlueButton - Writing the standard
Mark - Voice of the Patient in an Enterprise that is focused on Medical Coding. Set the 2013 HealthCamp Schedule. Setup Enable local organizers to run HealthCamps.
Robin - Bring the voice of the Policy Wonk - The Analytical Eye. Blog to prevent important issues being dumped. "It is easier to resuscitate a living patient. Act as a sales person for the movement.
Josh - Connector. Learn lessons from Patients. Build a team that will work on empowering patients based on real world information.  Delegate to balance workload. Kait Roe to advise and Jerri to oversee.
Erin - MedicineX / Health 2.0 / Codio - talking about Patient Empowerment. Breaking our boundaries. Connector and Sales. Slideshow for events.

connecting patients to solutions.