Sunday, September 23, 2012

#Cinderblocks #HCKC Partnership WITH Patients and FOR Patients - the next steps

@ReginaHolliday and Pat Mastors leading the next session to discuss the next steps for Partnership With Patients.

Don Berwick  set a goal 20% reduction in Re-Admissions and 40% reduction in Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Partnership FOR Patients is a CMS initiative.

Partnership WITH Patients is a patient initiative.

We need to recognize Harmed Patients and encourage their involvement. A Funding issue.

Patients with Disparities need access.

Recognize Diversity.

Can we get the rules changed so that the IOM can compensate patients for their involvement.  

When we talk about Patients we are always talking about Patient Family Engagement - i.e. including the caregivers.

The FDA selects who represents the patient.
Transparency in the representation process.

Who do we call patients?

Patient Market Power
"I Represent Thousands"

Standardized protocol for Hand Sanitation to combat HAI.

Can we get traction to use Clorox wipes in hospital with private sector partnership.

Let's create 3-5 principles for Patient Engagement
- Petition online

"Don't bring flowers - bring Wipes"

"Stay Well Card with disinfectant/bleach wipes"

One page on the web:
1. Patient/Family - definition
2. Petition - 100,000 signatures
3. Bullets - Consistent 5 principles
4. Quantify our reach

Basically we want Patient Parity which is achieved via:

(1) Access to Clinical Data 
(2) Cleanliness
(3) Dignity / Respect
(4) Visible / Transparent  Cost and Quality
(5) Accountability
(6) Patient Parity
(7) Outcome-based Payment Model

Patient Parity - with Data, Accountability, 

We want a databank of skills and talent, experience, credentials.