Thursday, May 15, 2014

Consumer-Mediated Exchanges and the potential for Cleaned Data to improve HealthCare

Check out the article in USA Today:

If ‘clean,’ big data can improve U.S. health care

More accurate data is needed if Big Data is going to solve the challenges in Healthcare. EHRs locked away from patients contain inaccurate data. Digitization of this data and sharing with patients offers the opportunity to improve the accuracy of data. This is an essential step.

I can remember discussions in Payer Organizations (aka Health Insurance Plans) where the thought of Patients/members being able to see their claims data and ask for corrections was fraught with complexity because the patient has always been excluded from the process. The Patient was something that healthcare was done to. Almost an incidental detail. Fortunately this situation is changing.

Patients need to be more involved and this is where the Consumer-Mediated Exchange, exemplified by platforms like will change the game. and similar C-MEs will empower patients to pull together the disconnected streams of their health data and bring them in to a common timeline that they can then choose to share, in whole, or in part with the members of their care team.

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