Thursday, May 15, 2014

Great post by @HealthBlawg – Dancing with #HIPAA

Take a look at – a great resource referenced by David Harlow (@HealthBlawg) in a recent talk at HxRefactored and posted to his blog here:

HIPAA for Web and Mobile Developers and Designers (and for everyone, The Data Map)

We all need to face this reality:

“The EMR does not hold the bulk of your HealthData”

Consumer-Mediated Exchanges, like have a big role to play in helping the patient make sense of all the health-related data that is out there and related to them. We each need to take responsibility for pulling together our health data in to a coherent whole. The Health Care industry has too many vested interests and has spent Billions of dollars attempting this only to fail because they have never really started from the perspective of the patient. The Consumer-Mediated Exchange is the chance to start afresh and build on the great work done at the VA, CMS and HHS to promote open standards such as BlueButton, BlueButtonPlus and Direct Project.

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