Thursday, May 15, 2014

When the CIO of a hospital is scared you had better take note. Your life in your hands

Health Interoperability is on the Horizon. By that it seems we mean, in the next decade, or so….

HealthCare is a patchwork of walled gardens where even health systems using the same vendor’s EMR system still have problems inter-operating and sharing information. One of the most telling quotes from a meeting at HealthImpact East on April 30th was the following:

  • Epic customer Shafiq Rab, M.D., vice president and CIO of Hackensack N.J. University Medical Center, told the audience the still-fresh story of his wife’s cardiac scare the previous week. From the perspective of a deeply connected-yet-frustrated health system CIO trying to move her EKG tests between three hospitals, his conclusion was that data exchange isn’t working yet, but it will be in a decade. For now, “It’s your freaking life. Make copies of all of your health records, keep [them] on your iPhones and Droids … if you want to live.”

checkout the full report from Don Fluckinger here:

Health data interoperability in sight … via Epic?

Reports like these just serve to demonstrate how important it is for Patients to take their health and their health data in to their own hands instead of leaving it strewn across a landscape of isolated Electronic Medical Records.

Consumer-Mediated Exchanges like are the platform that provide patients with the tools to take control of their Health Data and choose who they want to share that data with.

As patients we can’t sit back and wait. We have to become active. Collecting our health data, checking for obvious errors and then pressuring Doctors and Health Systems to take notice of the health data we have curated.

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