Thursday, May 22, 2014

#dctech #OpenStack Meetup – HEAT Orchestration API

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HEAT is the OpenStack Orchestration API.

“HEAT because it takes Heat to make the clouds rise.”

It is an ASCII file format that supports TAML and JSON.

It supports AWS Cloud Formation APIs.

There is a Web-UI, CLI and API.

Heat is Stateless.

The HEAT Service is an N+1 architecture so it is scalable.

HEAT is a way is to give a complete request to the OpeStack API. ie. Use HEAT to create a complete platform stack that coordinates the provisioning of Nova Compute, Cinder Storage then install SSH Keys, basic settings and then install packages, users etc.

HEAT starts to compete against CHEF or Puppet because it can reach in to the client system.

HEAT doesn’t have to replace CHEF, Puppet or similar. Instead HEAT can pass information on to these orchestration engines. These engines can also reach back in to HEAT.

Rackspace has historically used CHEF to deploy from the bare metal upwards.

HEAT Orchestraiton Templates (HOT) is YAML formatted – Programmatic and data serialized. Somewhat like Python + XML.

HEAT is frequently used for service deployments and Autoscaling. Ceilometer metering data can use watermarks and triggers to fire of HEAT to provision.

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