Thursday, May 22, 2014

#dctech #OpenStack meetup

This evening I am in Washington DC to attend the #OpenStack DC Meetup.

Jason Grimm from Rackspace gave an overview of HEAT, The OpenStack Orchestration Service and a recap of the recent OpenStack 2014 summit.

OpenStack Background

OpenStack is not a monolithic system. It is an ecosystem of connected and commonly governed projects and services.

The key projects are:

  • Nova for Compute
  • Glance for Image Management
  • Swift for Object Storage
  • Cinder for Block Storage
  • Neutron for Network
  • Keystone for Access Control
  • Horizon for the Dashboard.
  • Ceilometer for Telemetry and metering
  • Heat for Orchestration

Bare metal support is provided via the Ironic project

OpenStack has releases every six months. Releases are alphabetical. The recent releases are:

  • Austin (Nova, Swift)
  • Bexar (Glance added)
  • Cactus
  • Diablo
  • Essex (Added Horizon and Keystone)
  • Folsom (Added Quantum and Cinder)
  • Grizzly
  • Havana
  • Icehouse (April 2014 release)
  • Juno (September 2014)

Best advice is to utilize a Milestone 3 or 4 release. These are the integration and stabilization releases.

OpenStack focuses on Infrastructure as a service.. It avoids re-bundling or re-creation of tools. Avoids limitations and lock-in.

Assumes Linux users already rely on a suite of monitoring and management tools.

You need to understand the philosophy of OpenStack. Sometimes OpenStack is NOT the answer.

OpenStack IceHouse Summit 2014

There is a YouTube Channel that covers the summit. 200+ Sessions.

Ubuntu releases coincide with Ubuntu releases. This leads to a preference for running OpenStack on Ubuntu.

More than 500 ISVs supporting OpenStack. Rackspace is no longer the largest contributor to OpenStack. No vendor is deploying hardware or software that won’t run on OpenStack.

RedHat has ramped up their involvement but they are going in a strange direction that only supports their version of OpenStack, anything else is unsupported.HP is also trying to go the lock-in route with their implementation of OpenStack.

New and Upcoming Projects

Trove – Database as a Service (similar to AWS’ RDS)
Ironic – Bare Metal management for workload mobility
Marconi – Queue Service (Extension of MQ)
Savannah – Data Processing (Hadoop clustering)

Key New Features

Nova – Live upgrades, cached image aging
Neutron – More vendor support, stabilization of LBaaS, FWaaS, VPNaaS etc. (F5 and Cisco)
Keystone – Shibboleth / Federation (AD and LDAP integration was already available)

Neutron was designed as a router/switch appliance. Neutron doesn’t understand how to work in active/passive and active/active state. This is putting the stack through a re-design for better High Availability support.

IceHouse is un-freezing Nova Network until Neutron develops further. Until Neutron develops further enterprises will probably have to depend on Cisco equipment that offers OpenStack drivers.

Rackspace and RedHat have tried to implement HA using a Watchdog capability but the solution doesn’t scale much beyond 20 nodes.

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