Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#AZoncology Using Social Media for Patient Engagement and Outreach


  • Know your audience and where they go.
  • Have your own base.
  • Bring people back to your home base.

Best use of snapchat created a nurse who befriended men and urged them to go for prostate exam.

  • Don’t forget Youtube. Go short (up to 2 minutes) or go long – like Eli The Computer Guy.
  • Don’t forget Pinterest and Instagram. But you need visual content.
  • Presentations can go to Slideshare.net e.g. http://2.healthca.mp/14zxr0
  • Develop a content calendar to work out a schedule for publishing.

  • Facebooks Ad platform is great for marketing. It is context sensitive to what people are talking about.

  • custom audiences is where you upload your email list and Facebook will match to Facebook accounts for ad targeting.
  • You choose what result you want – typically website conversions (e.g. Buy or donate on your site).

  • Use Google Analytics to create tracking (where people come form)

Mark Scrimshire
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