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#ONC2015 Innovative Interoperability moderated by : @claudiawilliams

Share – Innovative Interoperability: Open APIs, Patient Engagement, and Health Innovation (International Ballroom)

Thanks to Claudia for the shout out for the work I am doing on BlueButton at CMS.

What is the pain point in Interoperability

Neil Evans, VA

One of biggest challenges for Virtual Care is in the transition to virtual care. Need to think about how to integrate in to the providers workflow. If Virtual care is not appealing to clinicians they are less likely to invite patients to join them.

Alice Borrelli, Intel

Lots of hard work. Common information exchange. Work out the content being exchanged. Next need a portal for employees. It is important to add the right resources to the initiative. 62% of Americans receive health care via employers yet they haven’t exerted that influence to create change.

Aneesh Chopra

How many providers have requested their vendors to implement a FHIR Server? How many are integrating OAuth for patient authentication? The answer – very few!

Providers need to experiment in Innovation. Setup OAUTH and a FHIR Server. Add OAuth to your portal.

We all need to be participants and not just observers.

Greg Downing, HHS IDEALAB

The Recent Ebola epidemic demonstrated the ability to bring in AND push out information. This is the start of the internet interstate for health.
We need the 90 day mentality back to force change more quickly.

Questions: Patient Experience – where is the feedback loop to make sure we are doing good?

Alice Borrelli: Intel does employee survey each year

Aneesh Chopra: Transformative Apps. Allow vendors to submit to an app store and they get paid when they are downloaded and used.

Q: How do we make this affordable?

Aneesh Chopra: APIs allow us to move to a model where we pay for use.

Asks and Innovation:

Alice Borrelli – Employers to dive deep in to healthcare as partners
– Help individuals get and understand the benefits of their health data and an API for that.

Aneesh Chopra: Ask for APIs from your health system vendors
Innovation: started Hunch Analytics

Greg Downing: Still flaws in how we get federal data to people that can use it.

Neil Evans: Patient Generated Data and leverage mobility information and get in to providers hands in a meaningful way.
Put the people that matter (the patients) at the center. Design for front-line providers. User-center design is critical.

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