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#ONC2015 Jon White Introduces the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan

Jon White, Acting Deputy National Coordinator at ONCHIT introduces the next session:

20M Veterans eligible for care through the Veterans Administration

# Federal Health IT Strategic Plan

  • Barclay Butler, Ph.D., Director, Healthcare Technology Integration, Defense Health Agency
  • Seth Pazinski, Director Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Analysis, ONC (@SethPazinskiWeb Site Disclaimers)

Seth Pazinski introduces the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020

  1. Overview of the process
  2. Key Priorities
  3. Request for participation and support in shaping the plan


Fourth iteration of the plan.

Today’s priorities have three aims:

  • Focus on better health
  • Meaningful use – advance HIT beyond EHRs

The Federal Health IT strategy started with 35 agencies forming a Federal Health IT Advisory Council and HIT Policy Committee. These had public feedback and collaborative planning initiatives.

  • Collect
  • Share
  • Use

Expand adoption of HIT

Advance secure and interoperable health information

Strengthen Health Care Delivery
Advance health and well being through health IT

Collaborate to:

  • Focus on value
  • Respect individual choice


  • Increase adoption and effective use

The ultimate purpose: USE

Support delivery of high value care.

Enable individuals to manage their own care through engagement

Advance research, scientific knowledge and innovation


3 and 6 year outcome measures
Federal Agency commitment to outcomes (Accountability)

Public comment Period

Barclay Butler – Director, Defense Health Agency

DHA – a quick summary:

Combat support agency.
Joint forces establishment
Triple Aim plus readiness
9.6M Beneficiaries
54 Hospitals, 363 clinics, 282 dental clinics
380,000 Tricare network providers
Medical Research, development, education and training
10 Shared Services: Facilities, Medical, Logistics, Health IT, Pharmacy, Tricare, Health Plan. Budget and Resource Management. Procurement

Building interoperability with network providers in private sector.

Using a simple strategic Plan model

Build a hierarchy of Goals (5), Objectives (14), Strategies (74)

Collect (G1), Share (G2), Use (G3-G5)

Objectives: 3&6 Year outcomes (38)
DoD participates in 29

Six Priorities for National Quality Srategy
– Make care safer by reducing harm caused in delivery of care
– Ensure patients and family are engaged inc are
– Promote effective communication and coordination of care
– Promote effective prevention and treatment practices
– Working with communities to promote wide use of best practices to enable healthy living
– Making Quality Care affordable for individuals, families, employers and governments by developing new health care models

How do we create implementation guides to make implementation more predictable. eg. With CCDA interpretation.

DoD shares over 1.5M health data points with VA.
It is not the number of transactions it is what you do with it. Transactions are necessary. But how do they affect care.

Q: Organizations don’t want to share. How do we encourage sharing?

DHA is in a different situation. Military members are automatically sharing their data. However, DHA is moving towards a shared model because of the benefits of engagement through involvement.

Transparency is required to encourage people to share their data.

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