Thursday, February 12, 2015

@onc_healthit @bryansivak moderates the open data session

Q and A moderated by Bryan Sivak

startups – were you aware of all the data resources Available

Park service data is really interesting.

Quality indicators are important.

what data sets could be better used.

Park service: a lot of data is for internal management of resources. But they are publicly available.

OMB requires all agencies to maintain an enterprise dataset inventory.

ACF – majority of data is supporting reports to congress. They want to make this data more useful.

ACL – a lot of data available for correlation research. Eg nutrition, transportation, caregiver services.

CMS – states have datasets that are available. Hospital compare. Many other datasets. Challenges are to be responsible from a hipaa perspective.

Data is being incorporated into other datasets from CMS.

Niall Brennan gets a shout out from Bryan – complete with his email

Startups are interested in outcomes data. In standard formats.

how do we measure effectiveness of datasets

ACF – find out if datasets are useful via humans….

[editors note:] it seems that oauth process for registered developers could allow data downloads by rest api To be better measured.

Bryan Sivak: thinking about revamping to be a central hub for the community

CMS has a challenge to match data to the delivery reforms and the core objectives.

Think about data solutions from day 1.

CMS medicaid systems for monitoring and measuring are “archaic”

questions from the crowd

do they release raw data?

ACL some data is available in raw format.

what determines whether raw data is released

Hrsa – huge privacy concerns. Also some data is reported on a different basis eg. By grant.

Greg Bloom – leading open referral initiative.

Getting data is costly and inefficient.
1. What is role for Feds to support data standards?
2. Where are the low hanging fruits?

ACF – low hanging fruit: tell the Feds what data is wanted.

CMS: provider directories – we need to do a better job

what are upcoming priorities in CMS around medicaid innovation accelerator Program

  • Substance abuse disorders
  • Super utiliZers
  • behavioral health
  • Mental health disorders

ASPE looking across hhs to evaluate initiatives

Telehealth opportunities

A Lot of medicaid activity around Telehealth. The challenge is thinking about standards for Telehealth.

Standards are needed to define what is good practice.

Project Echo: addressing limited access to specialists. Focusing on hepatitis-C initially.

ACL – think about community engagement and use of Telehealth for engagement and not just for clinical uses. Eg. Social service delivery.

Hrsa – very active in Telehealth in rural areas.

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