Thursday, February 12, 2015

@onc_healthit presenting an open data boot camp @1786DC

innovating for the underserved with open federal data

I am at 1776 in Washington DC for an innovation boot camp organized by the ONCHIT.

Mark Greenberg sets the scene for how innovators can help the underserved. is a great resource to kickstart health innovation ideas.

Damon Davies urges developers to tell HHS if there are datasets that are needed.

Susan Jenkins: Administration for Community Living – maximize the independence for aging population and the disadvantaged.

Encouraging and enabling independent living.

Since this is a new administration they are still developing plans for data sets to be released but they do have data on the aging population.

Jennifer King: administration for children and families

Datasets are available at and

Machine readable open data is the standard for government as a result of a 2013 presidential executive action.

The next step after improving sharing is to make the data useful.

The government needs inter-agency tools because agencies are also users of public data.

Adam Kramer: national parks service office of public health.

405 national park units:
The unit focuses on disease prevention and health promotion.

NPS publishes >1400 data sets.

Includes maps and history data.

DC Park Rx is an example of an application that brings data together to prescribe nature to encourage healthy living. Eh. Where can you take a walk…

Paul Mandsager: health resources and services administration (hrsa)

Improve health and health equity.

Primarily a grant agency. Mainly information about grants and grantees.

Collect data about te populations they serve. Eg providers. Down to county level.


Buding solutions to address social determinants.

Started in E Baltimore.

Social determinants: 20% of healthcare spending and 60% of health outcomes.

Impossible to map needs to resources.

Creating a “yelp” for social services.

Manage and engage populations
Coordinate and follow up.

Shelley Milosevich Johnson:

Helping people who have no support network.

Finding community services

Post-ACA: keeping People healthy outside the walls of the hospital.

Using open health data. Social workers augment data as a crowd-sourced effort.

Contributing data back to the community in an open referral format.

Dr Stephen Cha – CMS and CHIP

Federal and state resources pay for case management but we don’t get value for money.

What is happening under delivery reform:
– better incentives
– change the delivery of care
– support data and quality information

The future of medicaid data:
– more integrated, more real time, more useful and more public.

Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information Services – gaining better insight in to how educator services are used.

Liz Polener Hall – ONC
New standards initiative focusing on long term care coordination in the community: S and I framework initiative: eLTSS

Mobile solutions will play an important role.

Now Bryan Sivak moderates this panel….

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