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#DHIC Data is the New Asset

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Data is the New Asset

Moderator: Kathleen Coviello – Director NJ EDA Technology Division

Stuart Henderson – Managing Directo, Accenture

Drew Schiller – Co-Founder Validic

Jason Wang – Founder TrueVault

Members of the audience are using a variety of devices: Fitbit, Healthkit, Jawbone

Personally I use: Fitbit, iPhone MyFitnessPal, Lumo Lift and Qardio.

Validic is focusing on Data Liquidity.

Stuart H: Using Liaison Technologies to help move and transform data.

Wearables and medical devices will make evaluation easier. How does the FDA balance quantity of data and quality of data.

Jason W: Truevault clients are often in the Internet of Things world and are using the platform to capture the original data. In the past six months Healthcare organizations are switching focus from HIPAA compliance to data security.

Stuart H: Everything in technology is fallible. You have to judge the risks and effort that makes sense. There is no HIPAA Certification. So Hi-Trust is used.

Drew S: Being HIPAA Compliant doesn’t mean you are secure. Only store the data you need to store.

FDA: Deals with Medical Devices
Office of ONC: Medical Data – HIPAA and Omnibus Act
FTC: Everything else. eg. Consumer protection for wearable devices. Consumer access to their data.

Stuart H: FDA recently published 4 guidelines. A difference between motivational devices through to regulated medical device.

These are the areas the FDA is concerned with:
1. If it connects to another device.
2. If it turns a mobile device in to a regulated device.
3. Provides patient specific analysis and advice.

The Biostream of information will improve the quality of care.

Drew S: Validic is a class 1 (low risk) platform. Apple with their Watch has helped the FDA realise that the FDA may not need to concern themselves with these devices and platforms.
Class 2 and 3. will require close regulation.

If you are building a device check up front about regulatory requirements. The FDA are there to help and advise.

Jason W: Healthcare is catching up with finance and PCI Compliance. Health information is much more valuable (10-20x) than financial information.

Q: Is anyone building a Pandora bracelet for health?
A: Vyzen (NJ)

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