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#CHSD15 How do we solve Engagement? Moderated by Anurag Gupta (BCSG)

connected Health 2015 – How do we solve a problem like Engagement

Realtime notes from ConnectedHealth 2015 in San Diego #CHSD15.

Definition of Patient Engagement: Understanding one’s role in the health process, willingness and ability to take part in their health care.

Moderator: Anurag Gupta, Partner and Managing Director, the Boston Consulting Group
Jared Teo, ‎Senior Program Officer, CHCF’s Innovation Fund
Dr. Raphaela O’Day, Behavioral Scientist of Participation and Engagement Research and Insights for Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc.
Denise Brock, Senior Manager, Accenture
Eric Steckelman, VP of Content and Customer Experience, Healthloop @eric_steckelman
Is it Patient or Consumer Engagement?

Lack of Alignment is an issue. We have to be in sync with the patient’s needs.

Actionable Information.
Personalization – Take account of our preferences.
What works for me. What is relevant and timely.

Different stakeholders have different definitions of Patient Engagement. We need to bring the right expertise to the table.

Engagement requires giving the consumer multiple paths to rewards. We are not all the same.

1. Self Determination (informed choice)
2. Competency
3. Relatedness (i am understood – a social connection)
4. Motivational Quality (Intrinsic v Extrinsic drivers. Relating to personal values and objectives)

Goal Directed Therapy has to be targeted on the right person’s goals. ie. the patient.

Build on what people are doing right without making it burdensome.

#CHSD15 Anurag’s Question about personalization makes me think “Am I 1 in a Million or Am I 1 of a Million to you?”

We have to consider the basics:
– Are we being culturally sensitive
– Are we targeting at the right level of understanding

We should also account for the change with the patient. eg. a patient going through cancer treatment is going to be more knowledgable as they progress through the treatment and their understanding level grows over time.

Depth of personalization is important.

Data is not information is not Behavior Change

Who should pay for customization?

Caregivers and Aging In Place for Baby Boomers will open up opportunities for private adoption of customized services and devices.

We are about to see a shift in care. Move to Value-based care. More competition.

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