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#CHSD15 Tom Boyle – GE Healthcare

connected Health 2015

Realtime notes from Day 2 of ConnectedHealth 2015 in San Diego #CHSD15.

Tom Boyle, Commercial Center of Excellence Healthcare Sales Lead at GE

Tom Boyle presents the final session:

Why be optimistic:
– Companies are motivated.
Early Pilots andProof of Concepts point to:

  • Cost Savings
  • Improved Employee Health

Self insured companies in the US = 80% (1,000+ employees)

Spending per enrollee is growing.

Costs are growing for employers and employees.

1. Incent
2. Punish
3. Nothing

Large employers predominantly cover family plans

Incentives are the preferred approach. But employees are not taking up the incentives.

Disease Management programs have the biggest impact on health and costs.

51% of health are lifestyle choices.

The aging population is going to keep pushing the cost curve.

Issuing a device is easy. It is the following integration requirements that make it hard.
Devices need Deployment with Call Center support and an underlying IT Infrastructure and then clinical evaluation.

We need to make technology simple.

Employers want reduced healthcare costs becuase it is eating in to their profits.

Take Diabetes:

308M US Population. 25.8M with Diabetes

Diabetic population = 12.2%. In a 10,000 employee population = 1,220 Diabetics.
Average cost = $7,900 per diabetic.
Cost = $9M / year to employer.

Assume that the employer pays a $1,000 benefit to employees = $1.22M
If 1/2 take advantage
Save 50% of the costs of their chronic condition = $3,950.

Total Net Value to Employer = $1.2M + less absenteeism,

60% of the US Workforce works for self-insured enterprises.
Disease Management reduces cost, improve quality of life and improve member engagement.

The GE Healthcare business has 13 CEOs.

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