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connected Health 2015

Realtime notes from Day 2 of ConnectedHealth 2015 in San Diego #CHSD15.

Moderator: Gunnar Trommer, Principal, Digital Health, Boston Consulting Group
Alan Portela, CEO, AirStrip @AirStripmHealth
Richard Boxer, Chief Medical Officer, Pager @getpager
Katya Hancock, Director Strategic Partnerships, Startup Health @katyahancock
Fadesola Adetosoye, MS, Telehealth and Telemedicine Practice Lead, Dell @FadesolaCares

BCSG Ventures brings development resources to create joint ventures with corporate partners to create new businesses that may ultimately get absorbed back in to those corporate partners after they are established.


Fadesola – background in CMS payment reform.
Dell has $11B Healthcare portfolio. Enterprise Hardware and software solutions. Bluetooth enabled clinical devices, retail kiosks.


Mobile application Service in Manhattan, NY.

Pager – Founders from Finance, Gaming and Uber.
Geolocated doctor or other healthcare professional in a mobile app.

Use DrChronos for EHR capability at Pager.


Venture-backed company that focuses on medical device mobility. 530 hospitals use their products.

Startup Health

Global platform and academy. 3yr startup program. 102 startups in 50 cities and 10 countries.

Portela: New patients coming in to the system are higher cost patients.
Interoperability is essential to help improve clinical outcomes in context of existing platforms. It will not be rip and replace.

Boxer: You need to know what the marketplace wants. Connected Health world is doing what Apple/Steve Jobs did.
1. Provide what the market needs.
2. See what the market WILL need
3. Create an environment where people can’t live without your solution.

Remote monitoring at enormous scale creates new paradigms for healthcare.

Medical Boards are just trade associations protecting the [broken] status quo.

Adetosoye: How do we converge consumers with the greater healthcare system. How does technology make it easy for providers and health plans to connect their members with the resources they need for their care.

No one has figured out to address socioeconomic factors that impact health outcomes.

Hancock: Great products fade in to the background of your everyday life.

Adheretech has a smart pill bottle that is connected. They are not trying to change behavior. They are augmenting.

Adetosoye: Tech companies can deal with the integration.

Portela: BYOD means we need to support many different devices. Aggregating data on real time basis how are you formatting and providing semantic understanding.

What doesn’t work:

Portela: We have a mess of systems. Too many proprietary protocols. As we move to patient-centric model the challenge if we have EHRs etc mobilize their applications we just perpetuate the current mess and keep the lock in. They are also blocking write back.

Boxer: Should the Federal Government demand uniform standards?

Portela: Standard exist. Let the private sector help. Pool IP to create standards to simplify.

Adetosoye: Encourage Agnostic approaches. We need more empathic players in healthcare.

Boxer: Pager is enabling house calls. It is a referral engine for the health system. Health Systems are integrating Pager to make their system more consumer friendly.

Center for Medical Interoperability is bringing Providers together to identify Interoperability needs but is not involving EHR Vendors.

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