Thursday, June 18, 2015

#chsd15 Tom Laurie kicks off the conference

Realtime notes from ConnectedHealth 2015

Tom Loarie of eMedonline kicks off the conference and looks at key issues in healthcare.

By 2020 80% of the worlds. Adults will have a supercomputer in their pocket.

Innovation has switched from top down to bottom up.

Democratization will lead to black swans: events that we can’t predict.

What do we need to know that we don’t know.

Aging population: the whole world is aging. Asia will have half of the worlds aging population.

2007 – $2.2T 75% of spending gtg was on patients with one or more chronic conditions.

There are emerging delivery models. CVS has just bid $1.9B for target’s pharmacy business.

Retail pharmacy approaches from different perspective. Look at return visits to the store for example.

Globalization of healthcare delivery systems. This demands global communication.

Frugality will drive new approaches to make better use of resources in health delivery.

Walgreens goes global as Alliance Healthcare. The largest global drug purchaser.

Readmission penalties are still a rounding error for hospitals but things are starting to change.

Northern CA hospitals are moving quickly to the ACO model. Extending footprint to compete with Kaiser. Putting case managers in to primary care to avoid hospitalization.

Middleware is a whole new segment of the healthcare ecosystem. Eg. Validic and Qualcomm and Apple.

Endeavor partners:

Awesome infographic!

Behavior change is the holy grail.

How do we overcome data alert fatigue?

We need to pay more attention to workflow. New models and practices need to fit the provider workflow.

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