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#HDPalooza #BlueButton Workshop

# Blue Button Workshop

Organizer: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC)

Location: Washington 1-2

## Instructors:

  • Lana Moriarty, Director, Office of Consumer eHealth, ONC @LMoriaty1
  • Steve Posnack, Director, Office of Science and Technology, ONC
  • Erica Galvez, Interoperability and Exchange Portfolio Manager, ONC
  • Josh Mandel, MD, Software Engineer, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Ellen Langhans, Division of Health Communication and eHealth, U.S. Department of Heath & Human Services
  • Theresa Hancock, Director of MyHealtheVet, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Unable to attend)
  • Gajen Sunthara, Presidential Innovation Fellow, ONC

While provider adoption of EHRs has hit a tipping point, consumer access to the information maintained in those systems remains low – yet steadily rising. ONC has completed national trend surveys to gain a better pulse on consumer access to their health information and ways in which they use or want to use their information. Discover how these findings are connected to consumer centric priorities outlined in the Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap and Standards Advisory. The workshop will also highlight exciting developments to improve usability of Blue Button and details for developers on how to leverage Blue Button information from federal agencies.

This workshop is designed to be an interactive session in which attendees will:

  • Hear from policy leaders how the Blue Button Initiative supports the nationwide call for interoperability and related standards work
  • Learn how to leverage federal open API data on preventative services to help keep consumers healthy
  • Learn more about the FHIR buzz and its applicability to advancing Blue Button
  • Learn about new resources to help developers, vendors and more familiarize themselves and test FHIR profiles
  • Share their experiences creating solutions that support use cases for health information exchange
  • Hear from federal agencies on their expanding Blue Button offerings and opportunities to engage with developers

Here I am with my Partner in Crime for BlueButton on FHIR – Gajen Sunthara.

Realtime notes from day 3 of the HealthData Palooza 2015 (#HDPalooza) in Washington DC.

Lana Morarty Moderates the BlueButton Workshop

Lots of discussion about BlueButton in the past few days.

“Confusion about what is BlueButton”

A movement whose purpose is to engage consumers. A partnership between public and private sector.
Over 650 pledges to liberate their data through BlueButton.

BlueButton is not a single application. It is instead a symbol for “get your health data here”

Steve Poznack

When we think about BlueButton and Patient access to their data. “TechnoPolicy”

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, Patient Right of access all come in to play.

Meaningful Use Stage 3 – public comment period is over. Received about 400 public comments, CMS received double that.

View Download Transmit (VDT) move to support using APIs.

“How come Health Care can’t be normal.”

HEART Work Group – ONC and OpenID Foundation.
User managed Access (UMA)

Multiple Portals – What is being done to make life easier for patients?

HyperPortalosis – Multiple portal problem.

Argonaut is an initiative to improve this using FHIR – Fast Health Interoperability Resource

Ellen Langhans @elanghans

Shifting the focus to disease prevention in health care.

ODPHP – policy and guidance, tools and resources to help americans be healthier.

Responsive Web sight.

12% of Americans have health Literacy. ie. can understand health information.

Content Syndication and API is available to embed in your own web site.

CVS Minute Clinic has used this to embed in their application.

Erica Galvez ONC Interoperability

HIT Shared Interoperability Roadmap builds on the Vision paper from June 2014.

Person Centered
Serve the needs of people
Advance Interoperability in service of broader aims (Better Care, Lower Cost, Healthier People)


Creating an EcoSystem

1. Roadmap is not use case-based. Focuses on advancing core functions and semantic interoperability of core data.
Draw parameters around the data we start with. Vocabularies, Codesets. etc.

PDFs Do not Equal Interoperability

Interoperability is not just movement of information. It also means do something with the data. eg. Decision Support

Calls to action: If you house data think about exposing APIs.

An update to the roadmap will come in the Fall of 2015 based on public comment.

Josh Mandell

Let’s pretend that the policy challenge has been solved…. and focus on technology and APIs.

View the apps and even register your own.

Consumer or Provider facing apps that will have access to data in the health record via FHIR. – main documentation site.

FHIR – Accessible on the web and open.

DSTU1 and DSTU2 versions.

Gajen Sunthara – Demo of FHIR

Awesome. The codebase is on Github.

Other Info:

Google ONC Pilot Challenge:

For developers that want to connect with providers to pilot solutions.

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