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Health Privacy Summit

Realtime notes from day 2 of the Health Privacy Summit ( #HealthPrivacy )in Washington DC.

Lucia Savage, Chief Privacy Officer at the Office of the National Coordinator for HIT, HHS

Interviewed by Adam Tanner, Fellow – Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University.

Why haven’t Personal Health Records taken off?

HITECH was a reaction to a tanking economy. It triggered a whole new economy around Healthcare.

How long before a person has easy access to their health records?

HHS is working really hard to get consumers to realize they have a right to their records.

Draft Interoperability Roadmap – A lot of misinformation about the ability to release information to patients.

Should a consumer have rights to prevent anonymized data about them being sold?

Different rules apply in different contexts.

De-ientification is allowed under HIPAA. This is not allowed for marketing. But it can be used for Research.

If people are concerned they can contact the HHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

Do Patients understand the fundamental deal they are making with a data holder/provider. There needs to be transparency.

Should People have control of their data in a big data context?

Public Policy to improve healthcare. This needs data.
eg. Improving Breast Cancer Scanning. Mammogram Screening Score based on administrative claims data using big data techniques.

In a research context you may have people giving research consent and using big data techniques.

ONC has a road map to interoperability.

Should people be worried about their health data been hacked?

How can we secure both large businesses and small businesses. People are thinking about these issues. They are challenging.

We need to be provide policy to make sure people understand risk profiles.
eg. Levels of risk between patient, office manager and System administrator.

Next up I am part of a panel moderated by Adrian Gropper.

Moderator: Adrian Gropper | CTO, Patient Privacy Rights
– Hugo Campos |
– Barbara J. Evans | Director, Center on Biotechnology & Law | University of Houston Law Center
– Randy Farmer | Chief Operating Officer Delaware Health Information Network
– Mark Scrimshire | Entrepreneur-in-Residence HHS

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