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#Health2con Indu interviews Xeros, Aetna and IHA

Health 2.0 Conference

Realtime notes from the ninth Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
Here is the online Agenda:

Tamara St. Claire – Chief Innovation Officer – Xerox @drstclaire

Xerox going where their customers are. Healthcare is moving outside the four walls they were accustomed to.

it is a changing landscape

The thought drivers for Xerox:

  1. US Healthcare is the most expensive on earth but the results put us in the middle of the pack.
  2. Medical care is one contributor to Population Health. It is the social determinants that matter.

Xerox $3B Healthcare company across all sectors of Healthcare.

Mida+ Community Health

Evaluating data around sobriety.

Found in the Bay Area the problems were in the coastal region and were correlated to Baseball and football games. So created City Sober Centers and saved $9.4M by diverting from Emergency Department to these Sober Centers.

Garth Graham, President: Aetna Foundation @garthgraham @Aetna

We have tools but it is how we deploy them that makes a difference.

In Boston there is a life expectancy gap of ~40 years ( 58.9 v 91 years) between two communities.

How do you deploy technologies in communities.

How do we bring the tools we have to lift everyone up.

detailed analysis allows drill down and targeting of action

Jay Bhatt, Chief Health Officer, IHA – @bhangrajay

Illinois Hospital Association

We have to put the data to work.
Half of Chicago housing stock is over 50 years old. So there is significant risk of lead exposure.

@bhangrajay: We have to put data to work and Place matters

Used Data Science to be predictive.

Took the housing stock. Built a model, and then made a forecast that mapped social aspects to create an actionable model at a fraction of the rectification costs of traditional models.

Fascinating use of existing data. most of the data used in the examples was public data.

They even have an open data model to predict which restaurants are most likely to have a health violation at their next inspection. it is flipping the model for inspection.

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