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#Health2Con Smart Data Tools & Analytics – Great commentary from Lucia Savage @ONC_HealthIT

Health 2.0 Conference

Realtime notes from the ninth Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
Here is the online Agenda:

Smart Data Tools & Analytics

Smart Data Tools & Analytics

Moderated by Indu SubaiyaHealth 2.0

As the patient-generated data frontier moves further into the clinical realm and as data available to providers gets more precise, robust and real-time, we’ll examine the platforms and technologies enabling a smarter health system and a more informed healthcare consumer.

More speakers and demos to be announced soon!


Kyu Rhee
IBM Corporation
Lucia Savage

Demos by

Riaan Conradie
Dean Sawyer


Lucia Savage – ONC Chief Privacy Officer @ONC_HealthIT

Where are we with Privacy?

Do all the integrations to EMRs raise new challenges?

The Mosaic Effect

As we add new data sets in to the analytics space we can fill in the gaps to guess who people are.

“Almost everything we collect about people can be related to health.”

Precision Medicine – PMI – The Cohort will give specific consent.
Genetic information will be collected. An Architecture is being developed.

There will be different levels of access.

There is also a new Portal from the Office of Civil Rights, who write the rules on HIPAA.
Based on IDeascale it is a wiki style platform.

There are two environments of data.

There are different expectations between hospitals and other health care organizations and the public feeds such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

“Monetizing is not wrong but people should be aware and understand how you are using their data.”

Don’t think OWNERSHIP – Think about obligations for information you hold.

Kyu Rhee – VP and Cheif Health Officer @IBM

Is it humanly possible to practice medicine in the current health care world.

Yes – but we aren’t getting the results we want.
There is too much information for one person to know everything.

Watson augments the physician.

Watson is learning the language of medicine.
It is a process of continuing to consume and learn.

Translating Big Data to Big insights.

John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital @johnBrownstein

Working on Google FoodTrends project (Launching soon)
Consuming data from Twitter, Open Table, Yelp
Adding in Device Data.

Developing Population insights.

British Medical Journal puplished an article that validates the use of Twitter as a source for sentiment.


Our digital Phoenotype – There is a mass of data out there – Our digital footprint.

Organize data from multiple sources and applying a taxonomy.

Collected 300K tweets over a year of patients talking to/about hospitals.
Used Mechanical Turk to analyze.

Linking Twitter data to quality of care. – What people are saying about hospitals
Merging Twitter and CMS and Yelp data.

LifeQ – Riaan Conradie – @lifeQInc

Bio-mathematical modeling

Computation Systems Biology Platform & APIs

Enhance the on-board wearable device. But also stream to the computational platform.

Fascinating insights in to human biology by monitoring a few basic data streams.
– Stress
– Physical Activity
– Sleep

Dean Sawyer – Sentrian @SEntrianRPI

Remote Patient Intelligence.
Detect deterioration in patient status.

Predictive Analytics to identify patients susceptible to hospital readmission
Equip them with appropriate devices and apps

Rules engine (Model) to tailor results.

Applying intelligence to adapt models to improve predictive accuracy.

Editors Note: This is a great example of the emerging trend of correlation of data to improve insights.

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