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#Health2Con – Time for the Unmentionables with @ADrane

Health 2.0 Conference

Realtime notes from the ninth Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
Here is the online Agenda:

Alexandra Drane introduces the Unmentionables.

The Unmentionables lost Susannah Fox to a higher calling at HHS as CTO>

We all deal with “Life Sucks Disease” aka Stress.

94% of use are dealing with at least one “Stress issues”

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Job Stress
  • Caregiver Stress,
  • Financial Stress
  • Relationship Stress

More buffers are good and more magnifiers are bad.

Identify Vulnerability to life challenges

Vulnerability magnifies the likelihood of diabetes, Back pain or mental health issues.

The Panel

  • Mark Ganz: Cambia Health Solutions, (Chair of AHIP)

Healthcare has focused on curing/treating the problems and not focusing on the person.

“The secret to an early diagnosis is understanding what goes on outside the doctor’s office.”
Then know HOW the patient wants to be treated.

Not enough people with passion and courage to move beyond the current broken system. Too many follow the money and call it innovation.
The Disrupters are going towards people.

People with a clear sense of purpose live healthier lives.

“Relentless pursuit of their hearts.”

Caregiver Stress

Bill McIvor – EVP SeniorLink

Who cares??? The unpaid family caregiver. 66M of them. 44M care for people over 50.

Family Caregivers are an “Invisible and isolated army”.

Seth Sternberg – Honor @honor

How do we help parents be cared for.
We have shrinking families.
Parents want to stay at home as they age.

Honor remakes Private Duty Home Care.

  1. Care Pros
  2. Elders
  3. Adult Children

Care Pros want to be treated like the professionals they are.

Honor gives:
– Tools to succeed
– Fair Pay
– Freedom

Tools (Info about the person being cared for)

Family, by Honor. A downloadable app.

The needs of elderly and care professionals are heterogeneous.
But this is not a challenge when operated with tech at scale.

“Build a Human Service”

True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse – 2015 – Kai Stinchcombe

Met Life $2.9B – The Crime of the 21st Century. Shaming Survey

a different survey by Kai found it was $36.9B

The Educated and friendly can loose significantly more.

  1. Get serious about caregiver services
  2. Don’t offer a menu offer a package
  3. Have a conversation about aging

Trulink offers a credit care that can be used by anyone.

Adrienne Boissy MD, MA – Chief Experience Officer – Cleveland Clinic.


Patients are not customers.

Isolation is a form of suffering.
Over-burdenedness is a form of suffering.

Patient Satisfaction <> Patient Experience.

Patient first = Access anytime anywhere.

Focus on relationships in health care.

Relationships are incredibly important and should shape any strategy.
There is an emotional component.

Karin Van Zant – CareSource @CareSource

  • Executive Director – Life Services

Largest Medicare Managed Care in Ohio.

Employment gives them a sense of purpose. More than minimum wage.

Moving from minimum wage to $12-15/hr and everything changes.

BJ Miller – Zen Hospice Project @zenhospice

“Dying People are Still Alive”

“Healing + curing”

“(Im)mortality – Death brings meaning to our lives. Not whether – but when and how.

Think about our legacy and our impact outside of ourselves.

“Disease-Centered Care”
– Why do we feel incidental to our disease when we ar ein hospital?

“Patient-centered care”
moving to “Human-centered care”
Caring for EVERYONE in the system of care.

“We are ‘The dying’”
Think about what would you want.

Issues at End of Life.

People don’t want to be a burden.
Medicine is not a big factor.

Being a burden – — Get over it.
We all go through phases. It is part of our larger social contract.

Art is important as being for its own sake.

Make space

We thrive on curiosity.

The Unmentionables – Sex, Drugs and a Crappy Boss

Alexandra Drane – Always creates such a thought provoking session. It is a must not miss. Be here next year for another Unmentionables session.

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