Tuesday, April 05, 2016

ONC Provider Directory Workshop – Oregon Health Authority HISP


CareAccord is the Oregon State HIE.

Provide a no-cost flat file provider directory for direct addresses.

Monthly participants export an excel spreadsheet of Provider Direct Addresses.

Account ID, First, Last, Organization ID, Address

4,000 Direct Addresses – 25% don’t have NPI’s

250 Oregon Health Entities.

The directory does help achieve Meaningful Use through better care coordination.


  • Slow adoption of Directory
  • Different EMRs use different standards
  • Care summary not supported by all systems
  • Direct Project doesn’t meet the desire to send to any Direct address – A lot of facility level addresses
  • Co-located providers with one Direct Address. How do you identify the location for message delivery?


A state-wdie Directory including NPI and Direct Addresses.

Goals of What’s next solution:

  • Efficiencies for Operations
  • Facilitate Core information exchange
  • Resource for Health Care Analysis

Why now

Stakeholders are asking for this foundational service.

Oregon passed Common Credentialling Program. Providers have to re-attest to accuracy every 120 days,


  • Incremental build
  • Scalable
  • Clear Quality expectations
  • Collaborate with Common Credentialling Program
  • Centralize but Federate to leverage existing Directories.

Next steps

  • HPD Questions – need historical data
  • Widespread adoption of HPD
  • Other standards – FHIR / CSD
  • Fee structures
  • Phasing
  • Scope. eg. Accepting New Patients
  • State Approval processes
  • Competing provider initiaties
  • Governance model and structure

Presenters: Britteny Matero / Karen Hale

People are waiting for State Wide Directories. Needed for care across state borders.

Building room to accommodate other addressing formats. eg. direct routing to EHRs.

Providers want one entry point to maintain their information.

Payers aren’t in the flat file solution but are involved with the State-wide solution.

Comment from participant: HPD is not a standard. What about using other standards such as LDAP.

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