Tuesday, April 05, 2016

ONC/FHA Provider Directory Workshop #ONCPDW – Rhode Island

Rhode Island Provider Directory Initiatives

  • All Stakeholders need access to timely, accurate information about healthcare providers
  • Challenge: Getting data right is not easy. Keeping it current is extremely difficult especially in small organizations

  • Solution: Create a single source of truth

One Provider – Many Relationships. A Single Definitive Source, Many Users

RIQI works with InterSystems as their IT Provider for the Provider Directory Project and the Data Model.

Many Data sources.
RIQI and Advisor committee Manages and Governs the data.
then outputs data and files.

Uses of RIQI Provider Directory:

  • Master Provider Record for HIT Systems
  • Web-based lookup for Provider-to-provider or Patient-to-Provider – Analytics Support for relationships during a measurement period


  • In User Acceptance Testing
  • Dealing with real data and discovering quality issues (which validates the need for the project)


  • Governance
  • Operationalization
  • Sustainability
  • Technical Improvements

Presenters: Amy Zimmerman, Elaine Fontaine

Challenges with need to share data but Organizations seeing their directory as a competitive advantage.

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