Tuesday, April 05, 2016

#ONCPDW ONC Provider Directory Workshop: State of California

California – CAHIE

California doesn’t have a State-wide Health Information Exchange

CAHIE uses HPD. They are trying to push the standard forward.

Diretory is about establishing trust.

Establishing Trust:

  • Who are you talking to? This is the role of Provider Directories.

Directory Services: More than a Directory

  • Discover Individuals, Organizations and the means to exchange information with them.
  • Aiming for Reliable Resource Location

  • More than just Direct Addresses

  • Must include context (Where and When Providers work )
  • Must be up-to-date
  • PHI is implicit in the information exchange

  • Need to prepare for more than just providers. Need to address the wider stakeholder community.


  • Distributed Management. The authoritative organization maintains the data. – Federated Architecture. Distribute the workload
  • Policy governs use/behavior.

  • Using HealthCare Provider Directory (HPD). A National Open Standard. – HPD enables Relationships to be expressed. Including electronic endpoints. – HPD can be cumbersome but can express complex relationships.

  • Part of CA Trusted Exchange Network

  • Enables realtime query
  • Local Autonomy

  • Minimum dataset is required

  • Every individual must have an organization
  • Every service must have a context

CAHIE Directory Service is queried in realtime by state HIEs

May be not HPD

Any standard will work as long as it is:

  • Open
  • Adopted by industry
  • Suports individuals and organizations
  • Supports contexts and relationships

Federation can work.

HPD is seeing dropping adoption. We need a supported standard or mechanism.

Presenter: Robert Cothren (CAHIE)

Justin Richer – Great to see an API approach. What challenges with right of access to distributed system?

Any query can be submitted. Query will be passed to all entities. Any endpoint can refuse to respond.

Jeff Eastman (MiHIN): How do you deal with Provider matching?

CAHIE doesn’t do Provider Matching. Multiple matches will be presented.

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