Tuesday, April 05, 2016

#ONCPDW #PDWorkshop – FHIR Today: Brian Postlethwaite

An example use case

  • Patient visits a hospital for a colonsoscopy
  • Visit GP
  • Referred to Gastroenterologist
  • Visit Gastroenterologist
  • Prescribed Medications
  • Take Medications
  • Have Tests Done
  • Visit Gastroenterologist
  • Book Colonoscopy
  • Admission to Hospital
  • Colonoscopy performed
  • Discharged from Hospital
  • Review Results with Gastroenterologist

All steps involve Search / Lookup


Fill out forms


Directories support all other health processes. They are everywhere.

We will never get to a single directory. Too many different uses.

Directory Use Cases

  • Practitioner Looking up a known Practitioner
  • System looks up an endpoint

  • Practitioner search for a practitioner that provides a specifc service

  • Practitioner searching for a service

  • Consumer searching for Practitioner availability

Fundamentals for Success:

  • Accurate
  • Current
  • Breadth of Content
  • Relevant Terminology
  • Accessible
  • Minimal technical barriers
  • Securely access information

Different Directory Types

  • Provider Directory
  • Service Directory

  • Practitioner Roles

Australian National Services Directory

  • Single Source
  • Curated content
  • Consumer friendly
  • Practitioner Vocabulary
  • API enabled
  • Geo-locaiton
  • Electronic endpoints included


  • HCSPDir (HL7)
  • ServD (OMG/HL7)
  • FHIR (HL7)

Shortest History of FHIR

  • Based on modern web technologies (ease of implementation and easy to find personnel to implement) – Core Resource Model
  • Defined Wire Format (XML/JSON)
  • CRUD Support
  • Search (single or multiple resources)
  • Extensible
  • Profile-able/Conformance
  • Natively supports Distributed Data
  • Supports REST, Messaging and Services

  • Moving extensions form lessons learned in to Core.

  • Already in Production
  • Inclusive of Service Directory Data

Presenter: Brian Postlethwaite, FHIR Core Team member

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