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#HDPalooza Charlie Ornstein, Jeremy Stoppelman, @VivianLeeMD: Empower Consumer with Public/Private data

How access to Public and Private healthcare data can empower consumers

How Access to Public and Private Healthcare Data Can Empower Consumers

Vivian S. Lee, PhD, MD, MBA
Senior Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean, School of Medicine, University of Utah; Chief Executive Officer, University of Utah Health Care, Salt Lake City, UTSpeaker Bio
Jeremy Stoppelman, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Yelp; Former Vice President of Engineering, PayPal, San Francisco, CASpeaker Bio
Charles Ornstein
Senior Reporter, ProPublica; Past President, Association of Health Care Journalists; Awardee, Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, Washington, DC (Moderator)Speaker Bio

Online patient reviews have improved patient experience. UofU doctors have increasingly appeared in top ranks nationally – without needing financial inducement to change.

Physicians are motivated – competitive.

Allowed doctors to be autonomous but provided tools to help them when they wanted it.

By listening to patents they become partners int heir own care.

Yelp was founded because of a healthcare event

Trying to create a yellow pages using consumer reviews.

Jeremy has the flu and tried to find a doctor. found a dearth of information. Wanted to find out what other people thought.

Now over 100M reviews have been written. 100M people use Yelp each month.

Yelp partners with Pro-Publica.

Consumer data complements the open data that Niall Brennan and the CMS team generate.


Use data as a learning experience. Not as a club.

Inculcate reviews in to the culture. Interns/residents expect to be reviewed. They also read reviews of the people who will be training them.


Are doctors worried about prescribing opioids to avoid getting a bad review?

It hasn’t been a problem to date.

How do we expand beyond patient reviews?

There are other data sources in closed systems that can be uncovered.
It must be interpreted carefully.

Quality is important

A lot of healthcare happens behind the scenes out of sight of patient. So Quality and Cost are important measures to watch.

Develop things internally before making more transparent.


Yelp has been involved in Policy discussions to create anti-slap laws.

Gag Clauses: Working with government to address.


Negative reviews make the whole process seem more real.
60K reviews last year. Very few negatives.

People are already talking. Services like Yelp are just bringing the discussion on line.

UofU has seen a reduction in the number of malpractice suits.

Look at all the data about a reviewer

Yelp – looks at all feeds to determine trust rating for a reviewer.

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