Monday, May 09, 2016

#HDPalooza kicks off with @tomgoetz

For the next two days I am at the Health Data Palooza in Washington DC. I will be blogging from the event, except when I am presenting in the HHS IDEA Lab booth or on the Consumer Track mini-summit (4:20 on Monday)

Niall Brennan and Kavita Patel open the conference and introduce Tom Goetz and John Doerr.

John D: You need courage and leadership to change healthcare.

Tom G: in Healthcare you have to get real very fast.

John D: Healthcare is hard. Your business model has to show a route to a sustainable business model. But – Healthcare is not rational. Most models go B-2-B then C.

Entrepreneurs are missionaries in Healthcare.

What is in common and what distinguishes:

Entrepreneurs: Do more than anyone thinks possible with less than anyone thinks possible.. People think Government does the complete reverse.

Key Success Factors:
– A+ Leadership
– Passionate
– Commitment to Technical and market Excellence
– Large, fast growing, unserved market

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