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#HDPalooza @n_brennan @fredtrotter Consumers swimming in open data

Open Data

3) CONSUMER: We’re Swimming in Data; Now How Do We Build Business Models that Allow Us to Use It?
This session looks at the various flows of data on health providers and how it can be made the most useful for consumers. We now have provider services data, prescription data, referral data, DME data, demographic data, etc. What should we be doing with it. Can it talk to one another? How do we make it useful?

  • Charles Ornstein, ProPublica (Moderator)
  • Niall Brennan, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Robert Krughoff, Consumer Checkbook
  • Jayodita Sanghvi, Grand Rounds
  • Fred Trotter, CareSet Systems
  • David Vivero, Amino

We are now seeing private sector business models that use open aggregated data.

Fred Trotter: Lots of data about providers. it allows us to rate providers and systems. Just like Moneyball.
Careset provides analytics on top of freely available open data (released through Docgraph).
Mapping Providers and their labs. Still hard to see service utilization at provider level

Robert Krughoff In 1976 would survey clurgy to measure nursing homes. Life is easier these days.
Consumers subscribe, but also sell to healthplans

Plenty of data for consumers but it is not easy to use. Hard to understand provider payments from device and drug makers.

We need data to help understand how doctors are participating in patient centered care programs.

David Vivero: Ex-zillow, founded Amino. Dealing with Cobra, Think about products and not just data.”Health Care is a big dark room”.
Often because it is our first interaction. Everyone’s question is different.
To build a brand you need to have enough touch points with your consumer.
Amino: Product is free. No sponsoring, no selling to drug companies, make money by adding information

If data is not used to make a decision then it is not that useful.

products need to do a job. Don’t forget that. Data leads to action.
Powered by big data. 188M people, 893K doctors, 5.0B interactions 800 topics.

Data isnt helpful unless someone can easily: Find it, Understand it, and act on it.

If information can be free it will be.

Jayodita Sanghvi, Grand Rounds: Remote Care / In-person care and Supporting Services.

Grand Rounds sells services to employers. made available for free to employees.

Using claims data reveals interesting trends. eg. ED drugs more likely to be filled on Fridays.
Quality: Procedural skill, Communication skill, clinical judgement (Doctors ability to assess patient and treat them).

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