Monday, May 09, 2016

#HDPalooza @joebiden talking about Cancer Moonshot

Vice President Joe Biden and the Cancer Moonshot project

This is a milestone for Health Data Palooza. Being recognized by the White House and having the Vice President speak is a watershed moment for the Open Health Data Community.

Silence descends as VP Joe Biden comes to the stage.


Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
Vice President of the United States, Washington, DC

Joe Biden “As usual I am going to say something I shouldn’t….”

Joe calls out Todd Park, the father of the Palooza.

“It’s nice to see you with a coat on!”

Data and Technology when combined can have an incredible impact on people’s lives and their health.

HHS has released over 2100 data sets.

BlueButton gets a cll out too.

Let’s do the same thing for battle against cancer.

We are only scratching the surface.

Cancer politics. Church politics. Labor politics. Regular politics. they are complicated in that order starting with Cancer.

Cancer related deaths are down 20% over last 21 years.

How can we prevent 11m cancer deaths by 2025.

We are at an inflection point. The science and medicine have advanced.

When someone near and dear to you is impacted then you want to learn as much as quickly as you can.

So much has changed. /more people are working together. massive investments in immunotherapy.

Coalitions of cancer organizations are merging datasets.

At the recent nuclear summit. 50 world leaders. The President started the meeting saying. “I know a lot of you want to talk to Joe about Cancer.” People want to talk about this.

Do a decade’s worth of work in the next 5 years. There are areas of consensus. Big data and computing, if we cooperate could help us uncover new learnings.

Cancer is a disease of the genome. It first took a decade and $2.6B to sequence the whole genome. Now it costs thousands and a fraction of the time.

First we need enough data to qualify as big data. it needs to be machine readable. it needs to be standardized. It needs to be labeled properly. It needs to be shared.

Cancer centers don’t have the ability or the motivation to share data.

we also need to share the insights from the data.
Researchers are not sharing. Published research behind paywalls leads to delay and duplication of effort. It doesn’t happen with NASA or other fields. yet this is funded with public funds. This is wrong.

The Affordable Care Act and Recovery Act saw investment in technology to improve healthcare.
Recovery Act wasted less than 2/10 0.02%. It changed the way we do business. They didn’t predict 5 companies would come up 5 their own silos.

We spent $35B on interoperability. Yet organizations can still not share information between hospitals treating your loved one. Fixing this matters!

What we have accomplished in health care solving data problems we now need to apply to cancer.
We need to build a network around the patient.

Eliminate the roadblocks for patients getting their own records – Yes to #BlueButton on #FHIR!!!!

Today – Asking individuals and organizations to join

We are on the cusp of significant breakthroughs that will benefit all humanity. We can make quantum leaps to end cancer as we know it.

“Use your talents. Tell us how. How do we do more?”

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