Monday, May 09, 2016

#HDPalooza Innovation Showcase


Health Datapalooza 2016 is shining the stage lights on new and noteworthy developments from across the health data space. These micro presentations of 5 minutes will highlight tools, data, apps and campaigns that embody the ethos of the data liberation movement and drive value and innovation.

Susan Dentzer
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation, Analyst on Health Policy, The NewsHour, Washington, DC (Moderator)Speaker Bio
Jamie Gunsior
PwC Principal & Digital Healthcare Leader, PwC
Keith Marsolo, PhD
Associate Professor, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Francois de Brantes, MS
Executive Director, HCI3Speaker Bio
Miya Gray
Vice President, Customer Experience, SurescriptsSpeaker Bio
Richard M. Leadbeater
Global Manager: State/Provincial Government Industry Solutions, ESRI

PWC – Audrey

Patient centered experience

Take patient data from wearables.. Create predictive model for disease – eg. Diabetes. (powered by Bodylogical)

data fuelds analytics.

PCORnet – common data model

Q: How do you ask a research question at hndreds of institutions and get trusted results back.

PCORnet create an algorithm and share it with institutions that then run it against a common data model.

Common data model is an essential first step but also depends on quality measures.


20 Paient powered networks
13 Clinical networks

HCI3 – Better incentives : Prometheus Analytics

Process variation causes defects. In healthcare variation can harm or kill.

Variation comes from:
– Not enough care
– Too much care
– wrong care
– Too costly care

HCI3 offering nuanced feedback

Open source episode definitions

Customer Experience at Surescripts

Combating Prescription Drug over use.

in 2014 Surescripts sent 9 Billion messages.6 Billion were digital transactions.

drug abuse drive demand.: Tampering, Forge prescriptions, Doctor and pharmacy shopping, false identities.

E-Prescriptions help control abusive demand.

New York leads in adoption. 93% adoption by Pharmacy and 27% adoption by Providers. Provider adoption has doubled.

ESRI – Applying Geolocation knowledge

  • Applying Geography Everywhere. Big Data gets more intelligent when mapped to geography.
  • GIS is hard but getting easier. WebGIS is transforming GIS.

For NGOs, Federal and State Government are big users.

CMS held up as an example and mapping of Opioid use.

GIS provides a tool to focus decision making.

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