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#CM4H16 Argonaut: Vendors on FHIR – Wayne Kubick

Argonaut: Vendors on FHIR

Wayne Kubick, Chief Technology Officer, Health Level Seven International

What matters most to HL7

Vision: A world where people have the information they need, securely, where and when they need it.

Mission: To empower global health data interoperability by developing the best and most appropriate standards.

A standard becomes useful because people use it. It benefits from the power of the network effect.

Just be aware that we are at the peak of expectations in the Gartner Hype Cycle.

ONC is supporting FHIR for consumer-facing applications

MIH and ONC Launch Sync for Science (S4S) Pilot. Enabling Individual Health Data Access and donation.

FHIR is Resources that are essentially modular information components easily assembled into working systems.


Principles of FHIR

  • Data resides at the single source of truth
  • API Access data: Pull what you need, instead of only getting what’s pushed
  • Focus on implementors
  • Include rigorous semantics
  • Design for common 80%, extensions for the rest
  • Off the shelf security and authorization
  • Speed, scalability a, ease of understanding
  • Everything is human readable and free.

Maturity Model

  1. Draft for comment
  2. Stable Build
  3. Connect-a-thon
  4. Passed Ballot
  5. Tested, Published, Prototyped
  6. International Adoption

JASON Task Force and the Argonauts

JASON Task Force made a call to action on “public APIs”

Based on Market experience with MU2 and associated certification

Industry desire to involve private sector and bring market discipline to standards development.

Currently 89 Participants in Argonaut.

Argonaut leverages work of S&I Framework and SMART workgroups.
Accelerates maturation of FHIR
Open to all. Free to participate.

Prioritize and create implementation guides
Supporting conformance testing and publish results.
Continuous improvement through frequent sprints

Common MUDataset, CCDA, Provider Directory, Security and Authorization.

Argonaut uses 2-week sprints. Accelerating the speed of development.

Need to define market ecosystem (Terms, IP, safety, contracts)

Clinicians on FHIR Workshops

Interact with developers using ClinFHIR tool to build and vizualize resource instances and profiles.

HL7 Partners in Interoperability

policy, planning and change management

FHIR applications Roundtable

Implementations and deployed applications

July 27-28 – Harvard Medical School, Boston

FHIR Foundation

501.c.3 charitable non-profit

Support for implementers and implementation.

Development of a FHIR Registry to keep track of profiles.

What’s Next:

STU3 (System for Trial Use) Sign up July 27.
Baltimore Connect-a-thon – September 17-18
New Product Roadmap:

  • RDF / Base Ontology work
  • Fluentpath and a new mapping language
  • Clinical decision support resources
  • CIMI / Logical model development

A normative version of FHIR is planned for Spring 2017.

HL7 Payers on FHIR – Partners in interoperability, Chicago July 7 11-12
HL7 Virtual Connectathon for Payers (Skype) Jul7 13 11am-5pm ET

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